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2023 FMBC State Championships registration is open!

Why should you register early?

  1. 1. Increase your odds of performing later at FMBC State prelims.

Performance order at FMBC State prelims occurs in three Blocks. Block #1 consists of bands that register now through March 15. We then do a random draw for order, after March 15th. Block #2 is for the bands that register between March 16 and May 31. We then do a random draw for order after May 31st. Block #3 consists of any band that registers on or after June 1. The order for Block #3 is determined by postmark date of mailed checks, and/or date of online payment. By registering early, you increase your band’s odds of getting selected to perform towards the end of your class.

  1. 2. Save your band some money.

“Block fees” increase over time.

The first block (registering through March 15) costs $800; second block (registering between March 16 and May 31) is $825; 3rd block (June 1 and later) is $850.

Register online at 2023 FMBC State Registration

What’s new for FMBC State Championships in 2023? 1. We are going back to our roots. All FMBC Prelims and Finals performances (for all divisions) will take place on one day! Many directors voiced their desire for all prelims and finals performances to take place on the same day. We heard you loud and clear! 2. Prelims and Championships for all divisions is Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023. That’s right, we are moving FMBC Championships up a weekend. You asked for a little bit more time to prepare for your busy concert band season and you got it! 3. Prelims and Championships will take place in the Clearwater/St. Pete area in 2023. As with previous years, we will use a few of the larger high school stadiums in the area as our prelims sites. With more schools installing turf fields in the area, we feel confident we will provide a quality performance venue for all competing bands. Once we are contracted, we will let you know where FMBC Finals will take place.

FMBC Regional host bands are currently sending in their applications for their sanctioning and the Fall FMBC season schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

We hope you plan to join us for yet another fantastic FMBC marching band season. The NEXT 25 years will be exciting…don’t miss it!

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